Sports Injuries

We at Galway West Physiotherapy have over 20 years of experience at the highest level of returning patients/players to sport.

Sports injuries are an inevitable consequence of participation in sport and are inevitably higher in contact sports.

Traumatic injuries involve a specific incident such as a fall, twist or collision e.g cruciate /ankle sprain. These are more easily addressed as the mechanism of injury is evident and guides to accurate diagnosis. On ward referral for imaging is undertaken to confirm the diagnosis should it be required.

A treatment and individualised rehabilitation programme is planned and undertaken. Decision making regarding return to participation in training and return to play/sport is dependent on the patient passing all functional test that stress the previously injured part. Gradual and sequential introduction to sport specific training will ensure greater success on return to play/sport.

Intrinsic injuries often have no specific incident as a cause. They often present insidiously and worsen over time without any specific cause. A thorough history and examination is undertaken which often reveals the possible causes or causes. Biomechanics/training overload or inappropriate training methods or incomplete previous injury rehabilitation are some of the possible causes of such injuries and especially recurrent injuries. Areas vulnerable to these type of injuries are hamstrings/ankle/hip/groin/back/shoulder. It is necessary to address the acute injury and address all possible underlying cause that may make the area vulnerable to re-injury. Failure to address these underlying muscle imbalances, asymmetries or inappropriate training load can contribute to recurrences.

Pre season screening/functional screening is provided. Individualised exercise programmes are prescribed based on the screening findings.

Screening is an excellent tool in the prevention of sports injuries.


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